BREAKING NEWS: Alia, Sule move to the insecurity, food crisis in Benue, Nasarawa

Alia, Sule move to the insecurity, food crisis in Benue, Nasarawa

Alia, Sule move to the insecurity, food crisis in Benue, Nasarawa


The governors of Nasarawa and Benue have agreed to address insecurity and food crisis, and also attract investments for economic growth in the two states.

To achieve these goals, the governors have committed to reviewing existing strategies to end killings and improve food production and sustainability in both states.

Speaking with journalists after a closed-door meeting with his Nasarawa State counterpart, Abdullahi Sule, in Lafia, Governor Hyacinth Alia of Benue State disclosed that the two states have taken far-reaching measures to bring about peaceful co-existence and improve opportunities for agricultural and solid mineral growth.

He said they also explored other ways to benefit both states.

Alia described Nasarawa and Benue states as one family, noting that the two states have no reason to suffer from insecurity, food crisis and lack of sustainable economic prosperity.

The governor also stressed the need for constant re-strategizing to enhance growth in both states.

Alia said, “Nasarawa and Benue states are in North Central Nigeria. Nasarawa is rich in solid minerals and Benue is blessed in agriculture.

“As neighbouring states, farmers and herders clashes, communal issues and banditry have lingered thus creating a negative narrative so we are exploring possible ways of addressing them.

“My visit to Nasarawa State, apart from being a friendly one, is to seek ways of promoting proper economic positioning and unity, especially with the current hardship affecting our people.”

The Benue governor, while commending the developmental projects in Nasarawa State, expressed interest in replicating some of the projects in his state.

Nasarawa governor, Sule, on his part, said the two states, which share commonalities in the North Central region, will see mutual growth benefits in the coming months.

He said, “Your visit to Nasarawa State will not only strengthen the working relationship but also put an end to incessant killings, and improve on infrastructural development as well as food production in which the two states are noted for in Nigeria.

“I want to assure you that Nasarawa State and Benue will continue to be in the forefront of championing the cause of peace, stability, and growth not only in the North Central region but the entire country.”

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