BREAKING NEWS: Draws need to be scrapped in football – Pique

Draws need to be scrapped in football – Pique

Draws need to be scrapped in – Pique


Former defender, Gerard Pique, has called for draws to be scrapped in football.

In his opinion, this is the only way the sport can compete with Netflix and .

Pique claimed football was failing to capture the attention of the younger generation, after witnessing his lose interest in games.

Speaking to The Times, the 37-year-old said: “One reason we created the King's League is I saw my kids watching a football match and after ten minutes they were on their phones and their tablets and watching other things at the same time. Football is entertainment, so it is not just competing with other sports. It competes with Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, TikTok. Everyone has limited time. Football for 90 minutes is not as exciting.”

Pique added: “You need to find ways to score more goals or that you cannot end a game as a draw. Maybe there are no draws, why not? In baseball and basketball there are no draws. You go to a game and it ends with a draw and the feeling is, ‘Who won?'.”

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