BREAKING NEWS: Grand finale of healing streams live services with Oyakhilome holds today

Grand finale of healing streams live services with Oyakhilome holds today

Grand finale of healing streams live services with Oyakhilome holds today


Stupendous miracles marked Day 2 of the ongoing 10forTENTH Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Never before has history witnessed this magnitude of blessings and healing. Upstaging the incredible moments and unmatched healing miracles concurrently across the globe on Day 1, Day 2 saw a consummate move of the Spirit of God that wrought total restoration and transformation in billions of lives worldwide. Spinal injuries, cancers, and myriad afflictions were healed instantly, while hospital wards were emptied in several countries as the healing streams of God flowed everywhere.

During the event, the Director of the Healing School, Pastor Deola Phillips, positioned the global congregation for their miracles by stating, “The angels of the lord are being dispatched to attend to you, and the power of God is with you right there. But you have to demonstrate your faith. You are going to give focus and attention. You are going to participate by doing everything we are doing here. And that’s how to make a connection of faith. Put your faith in what we are doing, and that same power that is present to heal will be present in your home, in that hospital, on the bus, in your office, and anywhere you may be. The power of God is present to heal and streaming to you now through this broadcast. Focus, and at the moment of action, do what you couldn’t do before.”
After an exhilarating worship session led by the world-renowned Loveworld Singers and an intense prayer session, senior ministers of the Healing School, Reverend Tom Amenkhienan, Reverend Ray Okocha, and Pastor Johan DeBear, joined the Director on set for a talk show. They shared great nuggets of wisdom from the Word and impactful testimonies from Day One that heightened the expectations and faith of attendees.
Speaking on the divine timing of the program, Rev Tom declared, “Now is the appointed time for God’s favour and blessing, a time for mercy and not judgment, and healing is available for all. This program is specially designed for people worldwide to receive their healing; your expectations will not be cut short!” After that, Rev Ray averred to the global congregation, “Healing is right where you are, whether you are watching from your device, a healing centre, your home or office, your healing is right there.”

Pastor Johan DeBear spoke on the unique joy of bearing witness to the tremendous depth of God’s love, stating, “Yesterday was remarkable; I was standing here watching the people as the Pastor ministered to them; it was a joy. Joy was coming to them as Pastor Chris ministered to them.”

The faith of global participants was buoyed to receive their miracles as they listened to testifiers from previous editions recount how they received their miracles in past healing services while testifying of the present-day reality of their healing from God. While hosting the segment, the renowned Evangelist Eddy Owase, host of Real Miracles Today, stated

Amidst a supremely charged atmosphere of reverential worship to God Almighty, the man of God, Pastor Chris, came on, exuding absolute conviction. Expounding on God’s plan and purpose for every man, he stated, “God doesn’t force anybody into his destiny because he created you to be responsible for your decisions. That’s why God can judge you. Because he gave you the right to make decisions, his divine destiny for your life requires your cooperation, acceptance, and faith in him. That destiny only begins when you say YES to him,” He further clarified that “it’s not enough to be in Christ. Christ must be in you. The only way he comes to live in you is through the holy spirit. If that spirit dwells in you, that same spirit shall also quicken, make you alive, and vitalise you. He will vitalise your death-doomed body. This is the secret of the Christian life: to have continual health.
Wielding the authority in the name of Jesus Christ, Pastor Chris commanded healing to the sick on the on-site healing line and summarily cast out demons of afflictions. Healing virtues gushed as the Man of God channelled God’s healing streams to those on the virtual healing line before directing them to all those connected to the service globally. Great rejoicing filled the nations, and testimonies flowed in from millions of connected healing centres all over the globe as many discovered their healing worldwide.

Among the many striking testimonies shared was that of Catherine Jeevan from Malawi, who suffered severe pain daily due to a diagnosis of an infection in her uterus that was causing water between her womb and the uterus. Despite taking her medications, she got no respite from the pain, so when she heard about Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris, she registered in faith and even told my husband that she would get healed yesterday. According to her, “This morning, the pain was too much. I couldn’t walk, and my husband had to help me get into the bathtub because I couldn’t lift my legs or stand properly. When the program started, I determinedly participated in everything, and despite the renewed sharp pain when Pastor Chris came out, I stood up and worshipped. As Pastor Chris began to minister to those on the stretchers on the onsite healing line, suddenly, all the terrible pain I was feeling stopped, and since last night till now I haven’t experienced any pain. Am healed!!! Glory to Jesus.”

Another striking testimony is that of Baron from Uganda, who fractured his back and neck after a tragic motorbike accident in 2019 and since then has been living in constant pain. After the man of God, Pastor Chris, prayed for the sick during the healing streams live healing services yesterday, he received his healing and is free from the pain; hallelujah!

It’s the same story for Angelo Azenor, who got healed of a spinal cord injury all in the way in Turks And Caicos Islands, and Priscilla from Ireland, whose deaf ear was unstopped after six long years.
It was indeed a night of illumination and extraordinary miracles. The gospel of Jesus Christ reigned and spread unprecedentedly across the globe as millions rededicated and gave their lives to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

The Live service ended with the man of God enjoining participants to “Get ready. Tomorrow, as always, I am going to pray for your country and family. Inform your family members. It’s important, so make sure you are part of it.”

Day one was epic, and day two was extraordinary, but today’s grand finale will be the grandest unleashing of grace, healings, blessings, and testimonies the world has ever seen.

Don’t miss out! Participate in the service from anywhere in the world in your preferred language by logging on to or all Loveworld Networks by 3 PM GMT+1. You can also watch the LIVE grand finale broadcast on your local TV and radio stations or the nearest healing centre near you.

For further information, please send an email to [email protected] or call centres these numbers: +27799675852 (South Africa), +234(1)8885066 (Nigeria), +18327249390 (USA), +12896221634 (Canada), +44(0)3331880710 (UK), +919650096633 (Asia), +917794993762 (India).

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