BREAKING NEWS: Greater unparalleled miracles on Day 1 of Healing Streams Live with Oyakhilome

Greater unparalleled miracles on Day 1 of Healing Streams Live with Oyakhilome

Greater unparalleled miracles on Day 1 of Healing Streams Live with Oyakhilome


The commemorative 10th edition of Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Chris Oyakhilome debuted yesterday with prodigious sights and unparalleled miracles as 's healing power journeyed across the earth, pouring forth blessings on all connected to the service. Gathered at healing centers in every town, village, city, and nation, billions of people witnessed the Word of God manifested in extraordinary ways in the name of Christ.

Day one of the Live services began on an exhilarating note with soul-stirring worship and intense prayer sessions. In her rousing welcome address, the esteemed Pastor Deola Phillips, Director of the Healing School, echoed the Healing School's total commitment to taking God's healing to sick people worldwide and urged participants to be expectant, saying,” Miracles have been taking place in different places all over the world even before as we prepared for the program. Still, from the moment we started today, the atmosphere changed worldwide. Today, you are going to be receiving words of the Spirit like rivers of water coming to you. Words powerful enough to cause a change. Anything can happen for you today! The grace is abundant.

On set a little while later with the Director, Reverend Tom Amenkhienan, a senior minister at the Healing School and other senior , Reverend Ray Okocha and Pastor Johan DeBear, emphasised that “the long-awaited day has finally arrived” and urged the global audience to “expect to see and receive more miracles this year than ever before. We are seeing a fulfillment of the Scriptures through the Healing Streams and God is healing every person, regardless of where they are—in palaces, homes, or even in restricted places.”
Similarly, Rev Ray Okocha urged the global congregation to participate fully in every part of the program, declaring, “Faith will be stirred up in the hearts of those in need of healing, and by their faith, they're healed. We are in the era of greater works. What you thought was impossible, you will see it happen.”

Filled with expectations, many listened raptly to past editions' attendees recount and testify of the present-hour realities of their miracles. While anchoring the session, the renowned Evangelist Eddy Owase remarked, ” Right where you're, there's no power that can stop your testimony.”

Before long, Pastor Chris, the Man of God, arrived on stage aglow with love and the palpable power of the Spirit of God. He immediately began to dispense divine healing to the sick and hurting present onsite before directing the healing streams to all connected virtually. Great rejoicing erupted in millions of centers worldwide as many discovered their healing and testimonies began to pour in.
Exhorting on the Word and the personage of Jesus Christ, he stated, ” Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He hasn't changed. It doesn't matter that your bones were broken in an accident; what's important is that you have a need, and He can meet the need.
Many of us call him Jesus Christ worldwide, but many people don't know what they say when they call him Jesus Christ. Because they don't know, their faith doesn't produce results; they don't understand the meaning of Jesus Christ. If you knew the meaning, it would produce a much greater result in your life.

John 20:30-31 KJV The Christ refers to the of God, God in human flesh. Did you know that is why they crucified Him? They said that was blasphemy. Son of God doesn't mean one that is born by God; it means God in human flesh.”

Rounding up, he declared, “God sent me to tell the whole world the meaning of the Son of God because He told me that many of them, including His , don't know.”

As the liberating realisation of the potency of God's love and power crystallised in the attendees' hearts, healing virtues gushed. Some of the miracles recorded on Day 1 include the blind receiving sight, deaf ears unstopped, debilitating pain varnished from the bodies, the lame walking, and many more.

One of the incredible testimonies from Day 1 includes that of Marx Hashiyana from Namibia, who ecstatically testified, saying, “I was diagnosed with a tumour on my brain that caused severe headaches. As I watched the Healing Streams program yesterday, I followed everything our dear man of God instructed me to do, and after he prayed, I received my healing instantly. After a while, I realised that the pain was gone, and I am now free of headaches and pain. Praise Jesus forevermore!”

Another beautiful testimony is that of Atieno Odero from , who received his healing while participating in the program from the hospital. He testifies – “I am currently in the hospital where I was admitted with flu & abdominal pains. My & brother from Christ Embassy Church Halle Saale in Germany connected to the Healing Streams Live Healing Services & called me on WhatsApp. I listened to the Man of God, Pastor Chris, pray and ask those sick to do what they couldn't do before. I came down from the hospital bed because I felt so much pain when trying to sit up or climb down the bed. But not tonight. I came down, bent forward & backwards with no pain. Glory to God. Thank You, Lord Jesus.”

The service concluded on a euphoric note as many gave their hearts to Christ and rededicated themselves to his will and work on earth. Pastor Chris ended the service by saying, “We are going to have an extraordinary session tomorrow. Don't miss it.

The fete of miracles and restoration continues today at 3 PM. Participate Live on or all Loveworld Networks in your preferred language. You can also watch the live broadcast of the services on your local TV or radio stations or the nearest healing center.

For further information, please send an email to [email protected] or call centers these numbers: +27799675852 (South ), +234(1)8885066 (), +18327249390 (USA), +12896221634 (Canada), +44(0)3331880710 (UK), +919650096633 (Asia), +917794993762 (India).

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