BREAKING NEWS: ‘It was civilian coup’ – Primate Ayodele condemns killing of 16 military officers

‘It was civilian coup’ – Primate Ayodele condemns killing of 16 military officers

‘It was civilian coup' – Primate Ayodele condemns killing of 16 officers


The Leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual , Primate Elijah Ayodele, on Sunday, condemned the killing of three officers and 12 soldiers by irate in .

Primate Ayodele described the attack as a civilian coup against the military, adding that the situation was a wrong signal to 's security system.

Sixteen soldiers who were on a mission to halt clashes between two communities in the southern state of Delta were murdered by warring community youths.

The troops from the 181 Amphibious Battalion deployed in the Bomadi region, had responded to the conflict in the Okuoma community when they were killed on Thursday.

Those killed include a Commanding Officer, two majors, one captain, and twelve soldiers from the 181 Amphibious Battalion.

The clergyman in a statement condemned the killing of the soldiers.

In the statement signed by his media aide, Osho Oluwatosin, Ayodele said: ‘'I strongly condemn the killing of three officers and 12 soldiers by irate youths in Delta state yesterday.

“It's an unfortunate and unimaginable situation that those defending us and securing our country from attacks could be killed in such an inhuman manner.

‘'It's a wrong signal to our military and security. I pray for the lost souls, this is not a war; they went for a peaceful mission but were killed. This is nothing but a civilian coup against the military.''

He admonished the military to do all in their capacity to ensure the culprits are and made to the wrath of the law.

The clergyman urged them not to take the situation for granted because it cannot be accepted, saying he was in support of the military avenging the death of the deceased soldiers

‘'I want the military to arrest these culprits and bring them to book. These people are not just civilians. This must not be taken for granted because if it goes without any arrest, it means are not safe.

‘'If it was a bandit operation they went for, we could have accepted but this was a peaceful mission without ammunition, why must they be attacked? This attack is sad.

‘'It is time for the military to let those criminals know that there is a military in Nigeria, this is unfair and satanic. If we don't respect that uniform, it means we don't respect the president. I am in support of the military to avenge the death of the deceased.''

‘'Our security personnel should start moving with arms and when they are going out of their barracks, they should be ready for any form of attack. The president must not handle this issue with levity. This must not go unattended because it will mean fueling more attacks on the military, they must not go scot-free.

‘'Who is going to take care of their families? If the military doesn't arrest those criminals, it means we are not safe in this country, it means we are not in trouble. This is not the issue of human rights, these people are heartless and evil,” he added.

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