BREAKING NEWS: ‘Northern Senators Forum doesn’t treat as member’ – Sani Musa

‘Northern Senators Forum doesn’t treat as member’ – Sani Musa

‘Northern Senators Forum doesn't treat as member' – Sani Musa


As ripples continue to trail the suspension of Abdul Ningi from Bauchi State, Senator Sani Musa, who distanced himself from the allegation during the debate on Tuesday, said he was not being treated as a member of the Northern Senators Forum.

Musa, who represents Niger East in the 10th and a ranking , reacted to accusations against him on some media outlets that he betrayed the North for distancing himself from Ningi's allegation that the 2024 budget was padded.

The lawmaker regretted that there were instances where members of the Northern Senators Forum took crucial decisions without inviting him to the meeting, adding that effort to address the worrisome development has been usually rebuffed.

“Despite my repeated attempts to address this issue with the Forum's Secretary and the Spokesman, transparency and inclusivity have not been forthcoming,” he said.

He insisted on his statement against Senator Ningi during the debate which he said should not be seen as a betrayal, but words of a responsible representative and a nationalist, who is committed to transparency and fair representation.

In a statement he made available to journalists on Saturday in , Musa said he has shown absolute commitment to promoting interests of the North even in his capacity as Chairman of Senate Committee on Finance, adding that his commitment was still unwavering till this day.

He said: “In my capacity as the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Finance and an active member of the Northern Senators Forum, I have consistently supported and advocated for the interests of the North.

“However, it is imperative for me, as a responsible representative, to be kept informed and included in matters that concern our region and our nation.

“I remain steadfast in my dedication to serving my Senatorial District, the North, , and the Senate with integrity and accountability. It is my sincere hope that we can work together to ensure the interests of all stakeholders are upheld.”

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