HEALTH: How An Emotional Affair Led To Masturbati0n Addiction – HenzoDaily

How An Emotional Affair Led To Masturbati0n Addiction – Bunady

How An Emotional Affair Led To Masturbati0n Addiction – HenzoDaily


I need some advice. I have been involved in an emotional affair with a male doctor who attended to me during my pregnancy in a general hospital. Please pardon my story may be long but I want to explain how I got into this problem. It all started when I was 7 months pregnant. The doctor was assigned to examine me and I noticed that as he was examining me, he was sort of fingering me. I thought it was just my mind but after a few seconds, he said…relax…tell me how do you feel?

To God, I was very ashamed…I said nothing. This is my first pregnancy. I am married to a  police DPO who is always been moving around but we base here in Lagos. I am his second wife cos his first wife left with their children.  I swear to God, after that first incident, the doctor told me to always insist that he be the one to check on me during my anti-natal checks. I just nodded. The next time I came, he was not around, I asked of him and was told he was not around. I did all my checks and left.

The next time I came, I was 8 months pregnant. I saw him and he smiled. I smiled back but I was very nervous. After all the tests, I was told by the nurses to see the doctor. The way they smiled, I think they all knew what the doctor was up to cos they were very friendly with him…very very friendly from what I see. So, I met him for the evaluation. After everything, he asked me to lie down for an examination of the baby but I told him I didn’t want to. He said he wants to prepare me for easy labour by massaging my vagina. He said vagina massage is important for a woman who wants to give birth naturally because it makes it easy for them to push. That was why I agreed. That is how he finger£d me for several seconds and I began to $quirt…I thought I was urinat!ng but he said it’s called $quirt and that it meant I am enjoying the massage.

This doctor started licking his hands with my fluids on his fingers. During this evaluation, he makes sure no nurse is around. I know it was wrong but I also believed that the finger! ng was for me to have an easy labour. This continued every week that I was getting close to my delivery date. Sometimes, I would have an orga$m while he did it. Other times, I would $quirt and he licked it, smiling. And he would always say my husband is a lucky man. I blocked every feeling of guilt cos I know a lot of police wives engage in a lot of affairs…there were always rumours about it. I told myself that I was not cheating cos the doctor did not pen£trate.

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One day, just days before I gave birth, after fingering me for a while, the next thing I felt was his tongue. I was shaken but he put his fingers on my lips to keep quiet. By this time, he had brought out his manh00d and was trying to insert it but I refused, so he began to stroke it instead. He continued until he was released. I was so $cared for and felt guilty afterwards. I told him he was wrong and he apologized for it. he said he could not help himself. Days later, I went into labour and had my baby. It was a very easy labour too.

After I was discharged from the hospital, I was relieved the pregnancy was over so I would not see the doctor anymore. But one day my phone rang and it was the doctor. He said he can’t stop thinking of me and told me to call him anytime I am ma$turbat!ng myself. I told him I don’t masturbate. He said I should try it, that I would like it. That is how I started trying it. And I liked it. Gradually I started ma$turbat!ng with him on the phone. He convinced me that it was not wrong since there was no physical contact between us.

I had enough time on my hands cos I am a full-time wife, hubby is hardly around. I do it on my own or with him talking di.r.ty to me on the phone. The situation now is, I am now addicted to ma$turbati0n that I no longer enjoy s3x with hubby. Anytime hubby wants to make love, I am not feeling it and hubby is wondering what is happening. I lie to him that I am tired but I know that I am not feeling it anymore. Please help me with tips on how to stop masturbating. I feel trapped and guilty..…CONTINUE.FULL.READING>>> 

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