JUST IN: Bumpy Johnson’s daughter: What happened to Elease Johnson?

Bumpy Johnson's daughter: What happened to Elease Johnson?

Who is Bumpy Johnson's daughter, Elease Johnson? She is sometimes referred to as Elise Johnson, and she gained prominence because her father was an infamous American crime boss. Even though she passed away in 2006, her name regularly comes up whenever people talk about her father due to their closeness.

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Bumpy Johnson's daughter, Elease Johnson, was his eldest child. She struggled with substance addiction before her demise in 2006 and is survived by a daughter whom the Johnsons raised. She was rumoured to be romantically involved with Malcolm X.

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Full nameElease JohnsonGenderFemaleYear of death2006Place of birthUnited StatesNationalityAmericanEthnicity-AmericanReligionChristianitySexualityStraightHair colourBlackEye colourDark brownMotherMayme Hatcher JohnsonFatherEllsworth Raymond JohnsonSiblings11

Who was Bumpy Johnson?

He was born Ellsworth Raymond Johnson on 31 October 1905 to his parents, William Johnson and Margaret Moultrie. He was nicknamed Bumpy during his childhood due to a bump on the back of his head.

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Bumpy gained notoriety in his 20s for committing petty crimes and was a jailbird. He gained more fame in the 1930s when he started working for the Harlem mob boss Stephanie St. Claire, also famous as The Queen of Numbers. He later joined the Italian mafia Charles “Lucky” Luciano and formed a partnership that would rule the streets for decades.

Johnson was not only a gangster but also a philanthropist who offered to his community. He was a skilled chess player and loved reading books, earning him the nickname The Professor. In 1952, he was sentenced to 15 years in prison for selling narcotics and was released in 1963.

After his release, he continued with his gangster lifestyle and reigned until his demise in 1968. He reportedly died of heart failure while eating at a restaurant in his neighbourhood.

Who was Bumpy Johnson's wife?

Bumpy was Mayme Hatcher's . She was an American author born in 1914 in North Carolina and moved to New York in 1938, where she worked as a waitress. Her relationship with Bumpy Johnson commenced in 1948 when they met, and after about six months, they married.

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Five facts about Bumpy Johnson's daughter, Elease JohnsonFive facts about Bumpy Johnson's daughter, Elease Johnson. Photo: @tillidadon on X (modified by author)
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In her book, Harlem Godfather, she described how it felt like being in a relationship with Bumpy, saying:

Before long, I was known as Bumpy's girl. It was a good title to possess. It meant I could get in anywhere I wanted to go, I was treated as queen wherever I went, and I was showered with gifts and jewellery on a steady basis. It also meant that I was constantly accosted by other women who were in love with Bumpy and wanted me out of the way.

In her approximately two decades of marriage to Bumpy, they welcomed one child, Ruthie. She was also the stepmother of Elise, Bumpy's daughter from a previous relationship.

Mayme Johnson was married to Bumpy until his demise in 1968, and she never remarried. How did Bumpy Johnson's wife die? She died in Philadelphia, US, in May 2009 of respiratory failure, aged 94 years.

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What happened to Bumpy Johnson's daughter, Elise?

Elise is Bumpy's daughter from a past relationship before he married Mayme Hatcher, and her mother is unknown. Her father's criminal past came to haunt her when she could not pursue higher education.

She became addicted to illicit substances and was regularly caught shoplifting to finance her lifestyle. She passed away in 2006, the same year her half-sister, Ruthie, died. Even though the cause of her death was not revealed, some media sources allege that she died of a heart attack due to illicit substance overuse.

Bumpy Johnson's daughter and Malcolm X's relationship

Were Elease Johnson and Malcolm X married? The two were never married but were allegedly romantically linked. However, in the Epix crime drama TV series Godfather of Harlem, Elease (portrayed by Antoinette Crowe-Legacy) and Malcolm X (portrayed by Nigel Thatch) are romantically involved.

She reportedly knew Malcolm X through her father, Johnson, who was Malcolm X's longtime friend. Malcolm X was a Muslim minister and human rights nicknamed Detroit Red, and his with Johnson started in the 1940s. Johnson protected him after he parted ways with the Nation of Islam leaders in 1964.

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Bumpy Johnson's granddaughter

Elease was a mother of one, a daughter named Margaret Johnson. She left her daughter under the care of her grandparents after she became addicted to illicit substances. The Johnsons raised Margaret as their daughter, and she reportedly became so close to her grandfather that she helped him calculate his income, thereby earning a commission.


Who were Elease Johnson's parents? She was raised by her father, Ellsworth Raymond Johnson, famous as Bumpy Johnson, and her stepmother, Mayme Hatcher Johnson.What was Bumpy Johnson known for? He was famous as a crime boss who dominated Harlem, New York, US, from the 1930s to 1960s. He was nicknamed Harlem Godfather.Who was Bumpy Johnson's spouse? He was married to Mayme Hatcher between 1948 and 1968.Did Malcolm X marry Bumpy Johnson's daughter? The two allegedly had a relationship, but they never married.What caused Bumpy Johnson's daughter's death? The cause of her death has never been revealed, but it has been alleged that she died of a heart attack due to illicit substance overuse.Did Bumpy Johnson's daughter, Elease, have a child? Her daughter, who is Bumpy Johnson's granddaughter, is Margaret.Did Elease Johnson have a sister? She had a half-sister, Ruthie, who passed away in 2006.

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Bumpy Johnson's daughter, Elease Johnson, became known due to her father's fame as one of America's most notorious gang leaders. She was addicted to illicit substances and was unable to raise her only child. Elease reportedly died in 2006 due to an alleged heart attack due to substance overuse.

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