JUST IN: “Can I Spend N320,000 Mistakenly Sent to My Bank Account After Waiting for 7 days? Expert Speaks

“Can I Spend N320,000 Mistakenly Sent to My Bank Account After Waiting for 7 days? Expert Speaks

“Can I Spend N320,000 Mistakenly Sent to My Bank Account After Waiting for 7 days? Expert Speaks


A Nigerian student claimed to have received N320,000 from an unknown account, and it has been over a week since the money was depositedThe lady, who spoke anonymously, revealed that her friends have been encouraging her to spend it, but she is concerned about the potential consequencesBarrister Segun Anigioro in an interview with Henzodaily.ng explains the legal position regarding spending funds mistakenly deposited into one’s account

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A Nigerian student who wished to be anonymous said a popular bank in Nigeria is using her photo for an advert promo without her consent.

Nigerian students gets N100k from unknown source
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“It was a Friday, and I had just finished my lecture. Exhausted, I walked home with my friends when suddenly I received a credit alert of N150,000.

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” I wasn’t expecting such an amount from anyone, nor had I made any requests. I was surprised and happy. I called my parents and uncle, who usually send me money, and they confirmed they hadn’t sent anything.

I told my friends about it, and they advised me to wait. Now, it’s almost been a week, and the money still hasn’t been removed from my account. I’m scared to spend it. What should I do?”

Legal expert Anigioro explains

Barrister Segun Anigioro, a Lagos-based legal practitioner, corporate and property law expert and the principal partner of Segun Anigioro & Associates ( D’ADVOCATE CHAMBERS), provide answers.

His words:

“The issue of erroneous transfer of fund as become a constant issue in our modern era of Internet banking and online banking.

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“Erroneous transfer of fund is a situation whereby an individual mistakenly transfer money into a wrong account, this sometimes happen as a result of carelessness or failure to double check details before the final authorization of the transaction, sometimes it may even be a mistake on the path of the person sending his or her account.

“The receiver of an erroneous transfer on the other hand having knowledge of this is not expected to touch such fund as they are mistakenly paid into his or her account and does not belong to such an individual.

“The receiver is not expected to spend such money because definitely the sender of such money will lodge a complain in his or her bank and request for a reversal of the money by providing requisite documents.

“It is a presumption that every account owner knows the figure available in their account balance and whereby there is an unexpected credit transaction such amount does not belong to you and any act done to such money will amount to stealing (theft)

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“Stealing is defined in sec 383 of the Criminal Code as any person who fraudulently converts to his own use or the use of any other person anything capable of being stolen is said to steal that thing. The Criminal Code went further in sec 383(4) state that ” in the case of conversion it is immaterial whether the thing converted is taken for the purpose of conversion is in the possession of conversion is in the possession of the person who convert it”

“By this provision of law it is immaterial that the money at the time of conversion or spending it is in your bank account the fact that the money belongs to someone else, any act spending or withdrawal of that money is conversion.

“Conversion or stealing as the case may be is a criminal offense which is punishable under the law.

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“Furthermore it is best advice to always report any questionable credit transaction into your account to the bank because you never can tell the source of such fund.”

Wrong funds transfer

Earlier, Henzodaily.ng reported that a Nigerian man mistakenly transferred N200,000 to the wrong bank account due to a typing error and wants his money back.

He said he found out after the intended recipient complained that he had not seen the transferred funds in his bank account.

Kalu Uche, an operational manager in one of Nigeria’s commercial banks, explained to Henzodaily.ng the process of retrieving wrongly sent funds.

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