JUST IN: Candace Owens’ husband: what is known about George Farmer?

Candace Owens' husband: what is known about George Farmer?

Candace Owens' husband: what is known about George Farmer?


Candace Owens and her husband, George Farmer, are Donald Trump's avid supporters. George is a prominent public figure in the UK, yet private, and does not have his own social media accounts. Hailing from a privileged background in London, George Farmer's education and lifestyle were enriched. Read more about Candace Owens' husband below.

Candace Owens and George Farmer have similar political views. Photo: @realcandaceowens (modified by author)
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Candace Owens founded the Blexit movement, which heavily campaigned for Trump. The conservative political activist is no stranger to controversy and often gets the spotlight for her controversial opinions on the COVID-19 vaccine, gender identity, and other issues. As a , people would love to know more about George Farmer's bio and his with Candace Owens.

Profile summary

Full nameGeorge FarmerGenderMaleFamous asCandace Owens' husbandBorn1989Age34/35 years (as of 2024)BirthplaceLondon, EnglandNationalityBritishAlma materSt Paul's School and Oxford UniversityEducational qualificationDegree in TheologyCareerPolitician, entrepreneur, and media personalityGrandparents Eleanor Best and David FarmerFatherLord Michael Stahel FarmerMotherJenny FarmerSiblings2SexualityStraightMarital statusMarriedSpouseCandace Owens (2019 – present)Children3Religion ChristianityHeight5 feet 11 inches (1.8 meters)Hair colorLight brownEye colorDark brown$180 million

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Who is Candace Owens' husband?

Candace Owens' spouse is George Farmer, an Englishman who grew up in a slum in Britain under his dad's tough upbringing. He is a Theology graduate from Oxford University, a previous Turning Point UK chairman, a former CEO of Parler, and an ex-Bullingdon Club member.

How old is Candace Owens' husband?

Candace Owens' husband's age is 34/35 years as of 2024, for he was born in 1989. Since his date of birth is publicly unknown, George Farmer's age is a few months less or more than his wife's. Candace (born April 29, 1989) is 34 years old as of March 2024.

Who is George Farmer's family?

George Farmer's parents are Jenny Farmer and Lord Michael Farmer, a prominent British businessman and politician. He is commonly referred to as Baron Farmer. Also, Michael was so successful in the metal markets that he earned the ‘Mister Copper' nickname around London.

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He founded the British trading conglomerate Metal & Commodity Company Ltd., Lord Farmer. On top of this, George's father is a member of the House of the Lords, the upper house of the United Kingdom's Parliament.

George Farmer's educational background

Candace Owens' husband attended St Paul's School, London (a private school founded in 1503 and known for educating the British elites). He later earned a first-class degree in Theology, majoring in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics, at the prestigious Oxford University in Oxfordshire, England. Subsequently, he obtained a Business Management degree from a reputable university.

Candace Owens' husbandFacts about Candace Owens' husband, George Farmer. Photo: @realcandaceowens on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGCWhat does Candace Owens' husband do?

George Farmer is a politician, entrepreneur, and media personality. His political advisor and strategist expertise has influenced the platforms and policies of numerous conservative candidates and organizations. Nonetheless, the British businessman prefers to keep a lower profile regarding his entrepreneurship endeavors in the copper market.

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George Farmer's career history

After his academic pursuits, George became a research analyst at Jigsaw Research, a London-based market research firm. Subsequently, he founded Redfield & Wilton Strategies, a global consulting company specializing in public opinion polling and market research.

Aside from that, he became an influential political activist, actively engaging in conservative politics. As a member of the UK Conservative and the youngest member to chair its Black and White Ball, he was the youngest Leader's Group to donate a minimum of £50,000 a year for exclusive access to the Prime Minister in 2016.

Additionally, George is an ex-chairman of Turning Point UK and a former CEO of Parler. As a vocal conservative who opposes the European Union, he changed his political allegiance to the Brexit Party due to his anti-EU feelings. What's more, Farmer was extensively involved in various political campaigns, including the Brexit referendum in 2016.

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The man shares political views similar to his wife's. He described the EU as “a toxic, socialist, genocidal superstate,” which Candace is yet to comment on. George currently works for a hedge fund.

His former workplace, Parler, a now inactive conservative social media platform, was launched in August 2018. In October 2022, Kanye West (Ye) planned to buy the conservative social app. Nonetheless, the deal was canceled later that year, and the platform was closed by its new owner in April 2023.

What is George Farmer's net worth?

The networthfever.com website guesstimates Candace Owens' husband's net worth to be $180 million.

Candace Owens' husbandCandace and Farmer are staunch Trump supporters. Photo: @realcandaceowens (modified by author)
Source: UGCHow did George Farmer make his ?

George delved into entrepreneurship, founding his company, Red Kite Group. His company focused on the governance of the copper market and subsequently expanded its operations into the hedge fund business, specializing in mine investments and finance.

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What is George Farmer's job?

While his father, Michael, is an actively involved member of the Conservative Foundation and the House of Lords, George focuses on his business in the copper market.

How did George Farmer and Candace Owens meet?

The couple first met in December 2018 at the soft launch of Turning Point UK, which many prominent political and social figures attended.

Farmer was working for the UK's conservative advocacy group Turning Point USA branch, while Owens was the group's communications director in the States, coordinating speaking events in London.

Speaking about how they met, George Farmer told the Pints With Aquinas podcast in 2022:

I was quite involved in British politics at the time, so it kind of made sense. I'd heard of her organization, or organizations, called BLEXIT, which is the Black exit from progressive policies. And, you know, I was very involved in Brexit so it was kind of like a synergy there.

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George liked Candace's political rant, views, and sense of humor. So, after two and a half weeks of getting to know each other, they got engaged and moved into one apartment. Farmer asked Owens to marry him during a Facetime call on December 29, 2018, just 17 days after meeting her for the first time.

Farmer told Australian podcaster/professor Matt Fradd on the Pints With Aquinas podcast:

We hadn't gone on a date. We had not talked about marriage or the future or anything. It was very much a God thing. The Lord was in control of that whole process.

He was flying to South Africa for New Year's when he called and proposed to her. The couple waited to announce their news. On Valentine's Day in 2020, Candace commemorated their engagement anniversary with a carousel of photos and a video on Instagram.

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Candace Owens' husbandCandace and Farmer married at the Trump Winery in Charlottesville, Virginia. Photo: @realcandaceowens (modified by author)
Source: UGCWhen was Candace Owens and George Farmer's wedding?

George Farmer and Candace Owens' wedding was at the Trump Winery in Charlottesville, Virginia, on August 31, 2019. Famous politicians and like Nigel Farage, Larry Elder, and Kanye West were in attendance.

Candace shared her best memories of her wedding day on her Instagram page. She wore a white lace gown with sleeves and a half-up-down hairstyle.

The elegance of Princess Grace of Monaco inspired her to wear modest dress. Candace believes the princess is the best-dressed bride of all time.

George described his wife as the most beautiful woman in the world. He thanked Eric Trump (the wedding venue's owner) for providing them an incredible place to celebrate their marriage ceremony.

A red “Make Weddings Great Again” hat topped the couple's white cake to signify their support of Donald Trump. The former US president's political ideology united them.

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In addition, their guests wore mock hats with the same slogan. Candace Owens' husband's photos are on his wife's Instagram page because he is not an active social media user.

Today, Owens and George are titled The Honorable George and Candace Farmer due to her husband's hereditary title.

George Farmer and Candace Owens' children

Farmer and Candace have three children. Their first son was born on January 13, 2021. They had a in July 2022 and another son in November 2023.

When having their firstborn, Candace revealed her five-month pregnancy in August 2020, explaining that it was a whirlwind pregnancy. She also shot at Miley Cyrus, Jameela Jamil, and other celebrities supporting pregnancy termination.

Famous people like Donald Trump Jr congratulated the couple after breaking the pregnancy news. George Farmer and Candace Owens' baby boy was born on January 13, 2021.

Where do Candace Owens and her husband live?

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Candace resides in Nashville, Tennessee. She announced her decision to move to Tennessee via her Instagram age in November 2022. Nonetheless, she never clarified whether her children and husband would live with her in Tennessee.

Candace Owens' husbandOwens and George have two sons and a daughter. Photo: @realcandaceowens (modified by author)
Source: UGCIs Candace Owens' husband gay?

George Farmer has never publicly admitted or denied gay allegations levied against him. It was speculated he was bisexual after a fake Tweet alleging Candace Owens' husband and brother had an affair was shared in November 2020.

In March 2021, Owens threatened to sue rapper Cardi B for reposting the fake Tweet. The photoshopped Tweet looked like it was from Owens' account, and she was claiming that her husband had cheated on her with her brother.

It is believed the photoshopped Tweet was circulated as a trolling response to Owens, who had previously criticized Harry Styles for wearing a dress on the cover of Vogue.

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Facts about George Farmer

George actively immersed himself in politics while studying at the University of Oxford.He was elected President of the Oxford University Conservative Association (OUCA), the largest student political organization in the UK. He was involved in the Bullingdon Club, a prestigious but controversial student society.George played a significant role in supporting Donald Trump's presidential campaign and endorsed Candace Owens to work in Trump's campaign team.Farmer is dedicated to philanthropy, serving as a trustee of The Farmer Foundation, a UK-based charity supporting educational, religious, and cultural causes.

Candace Owens' husband, George Farmer, fully supports her political views and helps her promote them. The two have been tagged as a controversial couple and very popular among right-wing activists.

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