JUST IN: “I don’t want to die young”: Kanayo O Kanayo introduces his new wife to Jibola Dabo and Segun Arinze

"I don't want to die young": Kanayo O Kanayo introduces his new wife to Jibola Dabo and Segun Arinze

“I don't want to die young”: Kanayo O Kanayo introduces his new to Jibola Dabo and


A video of veteran actor Kanayo O Kanayo linking up with some of his old colleagues in the movie industry has gone viralIn the trending clip, Kanayo Kanayo exchanged hugs and handshakes with veteran movie stars Jibola Dabo, Segun Arinze, and Fred AmataHowever, something else struck the attention of many netizens about the video as Kanayo O Kanayo was seen introducing a young to Jibola Dabo as his young wife

It is always a beautiful view to see veterans of the Nigerian movie industry like Kanayo O Kanayo, Jibola Dabo, Segun Arinze, Fred Amata, and others link up while rolling back the years in good health.

A video posted on social media by Kanayo O Kanayo, where he was seen exchanging hugs, handshakes and jibes with some of his old colleagues, has gone viral, with many netizens gushing at the clip in admiration.

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Kanayo o Kanayo introduces his new wife Seyi to his colleagues.Video of veteran actor Kanayo o Kanayo introducing his new wife Seyi to his colleagues goes viral.
Photo credit: @kanayo.o.kanayo
Source: Instagram

In the viral clip, Kanayo O Kanayo told a lady who accompanied him on set about his friend and colleague, Jibola Dabo, noting that it's been years since he saw him.

Kanayo introduces his new wife to colleagues

Despite the joy the video gave many who watched it, something Kanayo O Kanayo did, it caught the attention of netizens.

Kanayo O Kanayo introduced a young girl who looked like his daughter to Jibola Dabo as his new wife.

In the viral clip, KOK was heard telling Jibola Dabo that he doesn't want to die young, and that's why he got himself a young new wife.

Watch the viral clip below:

Netizens react as KOK unveils new wife

Here are some of the reactions that trailed Kanayo O Kanayo's video as he introduces his new wife to his colleagues:

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“This man Jibola Dabo is 82 years old.”


“Who be that small pin charger with you Nna anyi?”


“Did I hear my young wife.”


“Nnanyi sacrifice the gods are interested in that beautiful maiden.”


“Awwww. See how they all look good. thank you for the lives of these legends. Keep them away from all harm and deadly infirmities.”


“Some of the best screen gurus in one room.Whatever you are cooking will be a delicacy.”


“Nnayi no use this your young wife for sacrifice oh.”


“You are Ageing like fine wine.”


“Young ladies should know that every occasion demands a type of outfit. The men are decently dressed ,only my gender did otherwise.”


“Who trained this girl has failed woefully, you don't exchange hand shakes with with a man in my culture obiakwazi bu elderly person. Chai chai chai, ariri.”

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“Omo baba say young wife let's pretend we ddnt hear that.”

Kanayo O. Kanayo shares cute family video

Henzodaily.ng recalls reporting when Kanayo O Kanayo posted a family portrait and video on his social media page some years back without his wife.

The movie star's entire family were in the viral clip, but his wife and the mother of his four kids were nowhere to be found in the trending clip.

In the video, the actor's sons donned a matching look of traditional white outfits. His daughter also wore a white .

Source: Henzodaily.ng

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