JUST IN: Man Advises Men Against Cheating after Seeing the Calibre of Men Chasing Wife on DM

Man Advises Men Against Cheating after Seeing the Calibre of Men Chasing Wife on DM

Man Advises Men Against Cheating after Seeing the Calibre of Men Chasing Wife on DM


A Nigerian man noted the high caliber of men in his wife’s direct messages, leading him to conclude that married women’s fidelity is due to their respect for God He shared his thoughts on Facebook, aiming to enlighten husbands who falsely believe they are cunning by engaging in extramarital affairsSolex warned that women’s commitment to their marriages and spouses is a choice of honor, not incapacity

A Nigerian man, upon observing the quality of men in his wife’s direct messages, expressed the opinion that married women maintain respect for God and adhere to their marital vows, not due to a lack of chances to be unfaithful.

Known as Bishop Solex, he shared this viewpoint on his Facebook page.

The man advised other husbands to be careful. Photo credit: Bishop Solex
Source: Facebook

He penned this as a warning to those husbands who consider themselves clever and engage in extramarital relationships.

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He advised men, highlighting that women’s fidelity is rooted in their respect for their marriage commitments and their spouses, not from an inability to commit adultery. Indeed, he said, they could easily entertain numerous suitors if they chose to do so.

In his words:

“Husband stop pushing your wife to the wall. Every wife can cheat if the husband is not sensitive. Some Husband think that they are more smarter than their wife when they engage in adultery. Oga na pity your wife they pity you, if she pay you back you fit run mad. If your wife need more than ten men that she will have extra marital affair with today she will get them free of charge. She is only respecting God, honouring you and the marital vow she took. Yes, I intentionally typed the above statement. If I tell you the canibar of men in my wife’s DM with messages like; “hello pretty, my queen, hello dear, pretty angel, hi damsel etc. You go no say women they try. The reason why wife don’t misbehave is because women are more responsible, they have dignity and integrity than men. They have self value and worth.”

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Husband says nothing after he caught her cheating

Meanwhile, Henzodaily.ng earlier reported that a woman has reported her husband to his family for saying nothing after he caught her cheating.

Bolanle Cole, a human rights lawyer, who shared the story on X, said a client caught his wife cheating and kept it secret from her.

Instead, the husband stopped eating at home and refrained from any sexual activity with her but did not stop carrying out his financial responsibilities.

Source: Henzodaily.ng

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