JUST IN: New Exchange Rate Emerges as Naira Bounces Back, Gains Over N100 against US Dollar in Just 24 Hours

New Exchange Rate Emerges as Naira Bounces Back, Gains Over N100 against US Dollar in Just 24 Hours

New Emerges as Naira Bounces Back, Gains Over N100 against US in Just 24 Hours


The Nigerian currency has once again recorded a strong performance in its recovery against the US dollar in the Checks showed that the naira gained over N100 in just 24 hours in both the official and unofficial marketsThe new exchange rate for the naira once again shows that the recent moves by the Central Bank of are working

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The Naira once again appreciated against the US dollar in the official market also known at the Nigerian Autonomous Foreign Exchange Market (NAFEM).

Data from FMDQ securities shows that the Nigerian currency rose in value to N1,492.61/$1 on Wednesday, March 20, 2024.

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Latest naira to dollar exchange rateNaira no longer N1,500 a dollar
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The exchange rate on Wednesday is 4.4% or N67.96 appreciation when compared to N1,560.57/$1 it was transacted on Tuesday, March 19.

This happened as the value of forex transactions recorded in the midweek stood at $268.29 million on Wednesday which is 37.5% or $73.16 million higher than the $195.13 million achieved the previous day.

Also, in the official market the CBN data shows that the Naira weakened against the pound sterling in the official market on Wednesday by N104.84 to trade at N1,985.38/£1 versus the previous day's N1,880.54/£1.

While against the Euro, the Nigerian currency lost N89 to sell for N1,696.54/€1 versus Tuesday's rate of N1,607.54/€1.

Naira in unofficial market

In the unofficial market it was a similar for the naira has it once again appreciated against the dollar.

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Checks by Henzodaily.ng shows that traders on Wednesday sold the dollar at N1,510 and buys at N1,490 from customers.

A BDC trader who gave his name as Abdullahi Sani said:

“Naira is not yet N1,400, we buy at N1,490 and sell at N1,510 to N1,550 depending on the amount that the buy wants. This is N70, higher compared with the N1,580/$1.

“Naira is more likely to improve in the coming days as I have a lot customers rushing to sell their they have been keeping hoping for it rise again.”

Two firms predict exciting exchange rate in 2024

Earlier, Henzodaily.ng reported that two UK-based financial institutions have predicted a new exchange rate for the naira against the dollar

Goldman Sachs and Standard Chartered believe the naira will rebound and close stronger in 2024.

Their predictions are based on the current reforms by the Cardoso-led CBN, which has helped the naira achieve a N1572.86/$ rate on Monday from above N1,600.

Source: Henzodaily.ng

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