JUST IN: Nigerian Governor Excludes Eggs From Subsidised Food Program, Gives Reason

Nigerian Governor Excludes Eggs From Subsidised Food Program, Gives Reason

Nigerian Governor Excludes Eggs From Subsidised Food Program, Gives Reason


Akwa Ibom Governor Umo Eno highlighted at a state executive council meeting that individuals of modest means typically don't include eggs in their dietsDespite economic challenges nationwide, various state administrations have taken steps to alleviate the burden on their citizensEno endorsed a bill creating a Bulk Purchase Agency to procure essential food items in large quantities and offer them at discounted prices to disadvantaged populations

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Uyo, Akwa Ibom — Governor Umo Eno of Akwa Ibom State has declined a request to add “eggs” to the list of subsidised food items the state government will provide to vulnerable citizens.

The decision was made during a State Executive Council meeting, where Governor Eno also approved the establishment of the Bulk Purchase Agency.

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The Akwa Ibom state government will soon commence its distribution of palliative.The governor excluded the inclusion of eggs in his palliative program. Credit: Umo Uno

Nigerians are grappling with financial challenges due to soaring food prices following President Bola 's removal of the petrol subsidy.

To address this issue, Governor Eno had previously submitted a bill to the state assembly proposing the creation of a Bulk Purchase Agency that would purchase food items in large quantities and sell them to those in need at reduced prices.

What are the approved food items?

As per regulations, the agency must offer three essential food items on its menu: rice, beans, and garri.

These items will be sold in 10kg portions monthly to individuals already registered in the state social program.

During a live-streamed ceremony on Facebook, a participant raised concerns about the selection process for the three food items.

They argued that rice and garri are both carbohydrate-rich foods, with beans being the only source of protein.

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They suggested including eggs, another protein option, especially for malnourished children. However, the governor rejected the proposal.

As reported by , he said:

“Poor people don't eat eggs. Let's look at staple foods.

“We all know that there is real hunger in the . Our people need food, so as a government, we that we intervene in the high cost of food in our state.

“The only way we can do that is to set up an agency that will do a direct intervention in the market and get food to our people at a reduced price – that is what the agency seeks to address.”

Ogun govt begins N5bn palliatives for households, , others,

Governor Dapo Abiodun has launched an N5 billion relief program to support various Ogun state's economic sectors.

The initiative seeks to alleviate the impact of the ongoing socio-economic challenges faced by residents of the state and Nigeria as a wh ole.

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It is designed to assist vulnerable households, students, and others throughout the three senatorial districts of Ogun state.

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