JUST IN: Nigerian Man Gets to Canada, Works as Carpenter, Painter, Bricklayer to Pay Bills

Nigerian Man Gets to Canada, Works as Carpenter, Painter, Bricklayer to Pay Bills

Man Gets to Canada, Works as Carpenter, Painter, to Pay Bills


A young man who wanted better opportunities in life travelled out of the country to work menial jobsWhile in Canada, he worked multiple jobs like being a painter, carpenter, bricklayer and to succeedMany people who saw how hard he hustled in the country prayed he achieved his goal, as some expressed the need to travel

A who travelled abroad to seek greener pastures has made a video to show people how he has been trying to succeed.

Among the works he (@justolajay) did were carpentry, bricklaying, and painting. He said not many people talking about the hustle in Canada.

The man wore helmets as he worked in different places.
source: @justolajay
Source: TikTok

Working in Canada as a migrant

The man added that he also worked in a warehouse. At one point, his video showed him working in a bakery.

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Despite the snowfall in Canada, the man had his helmet on as he worked as a construction worker. Many people praised his commitment.

Watch his video below:

Henzodaily.ng compiled some of the reactions below:

Chocolate amu said:

“I fit do anything! Immigration just day send me back.”


“God go bless you soon just keep believing and don't do anything illegal.”

Saudizofficial asked:

“Bro I Sabi Ac work,how I fit enter Canada?”

Danny Academy asked:

“Good evening sir, do you study construction? thank you as you reply.”

He replied:

“No I don't.”

TheCOCA said:

“Most people do this mehn, but no be everybody sir, don't make it look like everybody wey come Canada dy run this level.”

Møvï said:

“Don't give up homie, we hitting it soon.”

Priscilla said:

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“Omo you dey try oo. First three weeks of my warehouse job, I left. It wasn't easy. God bless you.”


“Make I just see person way go carry me go USA or Canada.”

Destiny Frank said:

“Fr man, I go soon join you for the hustle.”

HOLY said:

“God will continue to help you bro.”

biodunowoh said:

“God will bless all your hustle, and you shall make mama proud in Jesus name, sending you love and hugs bro.”

Man relocated to UK

Meanwhile, Henzodaily.ng earlier reported that a young Nigerian man all pride and travelled abroad to seek a better opportunity as a cleaner.

The man (@omoakure01) shared a video of one of the days he was at work. He was very happy to be making ends meet in the UK.

Source: Henzodaily.ng

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