JUST IN: Ramadan: Again, Peter Obi Spotted Amongst Muslims for Tafsir at Suleja Central Mosque, Video Trends

Ramadan: Again, Peter Obi Spotted Amongst Muslims for Tafsir at Suleja Central Mosque, Video Trends

: Again, Peter Obi Spotted Amongst Muslims for Tafsir at Suleja Central Mosque, Video Trends


Peter Gregory Obi remains actively involved in observing Ramadan alongside Muslims nationwideThe representative was seen attending prayers at the Suleja Central Mosque on the Suleja- road in Niger StateAlongside other worshippers, Obi participated in listening to the Tafsir sermon delivered by the Mosque's Imam on Tuesday, March 19th

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Suleja, Niger – 's presidential hopeful in the 2023 presidential poll, Peter Obi, was recently seen again in the company of Muslims during Ramadan.

On Tuesday, March 19, the former state governor was observed at the Suleja Central Mosque situated along the Suleja-Kaduna road in Niger State.

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Peter Obi has visited another Mosque in the northThe former Anambra state governor was recently spotted with Muslims at the Maraba-Nyanya Central Mosque for the iftar. Photo Credit: Mr Peter Obi
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The recent development came less than 48 hours after being spotted at the Nyanya-Maraba Central Mosque in Nasarawa state, where he dined with Muslims during Iftar.

Seated among hundreds of Muslims, he was in the front row, attentively listening to a Tafsir sermon delivered by the Mosque's Imam.

What is Tafsir

The essence of Tafsir in Islam lies in elucidating the words of Allah as found in the . It is a vital aspect of Islamic , focusing on interpreting the meanings of Quranic verses.

“Tafsir” originates from the Arabic word “Fassara,” connoting exposition and clarification.

Before delving into Tafsir's various types and texts, it's crucial to comprehend its fundamental significance within Islam.

Brief History of Tafsir

The tradition of interpreting the Quran, known as Tafsir in Islam, traces back to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as the primary source.

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Following his passing, his companions assumed the task of elucidating the Quranic verses, drawing from their firsthand experiences of witnessing its revelation and comprehending its contextual significance.

These companions, notably figures like Abdullah Ibn Abbas, Zayd Ibn Thaabit, and Ali Ibn Abee Taalib, relied on Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) teachings to transmit the Quranic interpretations to their disciples.

After their demise, their , known as “the successors,” carried forward this endeavour, building upon the foundations laid by their mentors.

Nigerian Governor approves N2.8billion for Ramadan Iftar

In another development, Jigawa State Governor Umar Namadi has pledged to support the state's residents during Ramadan.

He has allocated N2.8 billion for a Ramadan iftar program to provide meals for the less fortunate.

Sagir Musa, the Commissioner for Information, confirmed the announcement in a statement released on Thursday, March 14th.

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