JUST IN: Terrorists Abduct 87 In Fresh Kaduna Attack

A Concised Map Showing Kaduna

Terrorists again launched a ruthless assault on the Kajuru-Station Community in Kajuru Local Government Area of Kaduna State, abducting 87 individuals on Sunday night.

Harisu Dari, a member of the Kajuru-Station Youths, confirmed the incident, highlighting the terror that struck around 10 pm.

According to eyewitness reports, the attackers not only abducted civilians but also pillaged shops, looting food items and other valuables.
This marks another grim chapter in the escalating crisis, with this assault following closely on the heels of the abduction of 15 women and a man in the Dogon-Noma Community just days prior.

Kajuru and Chikun Local Governments have recently become the epicenters of kidnapping thereby plunging the state into a state of heightened tension.

Dari, visibly shaken by the events, expressed the deep trauma experienced by the villagers in the aftermath of the attack.
He emphasized the urgent need for government’s intervention, stressing that as of this morning, no contact had been established with the abducted locals.

“The villagers are traumatized by the sad development. The government needs to re-strategize in tackling these terrorists,” Harisu urged, echoing the sentiments of many affected residents.

LEADERSHIP recalls that this latest assault adds to the ugly count, with over 172 villagers kidnapped in the area within the past two weeks alone.
Despite the escalating crisis, security forces have yet to be deployed to reassure and protect the traumatized community.

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