JUST IN: “We Don’t Share a Connection”: Bimbo Ademoye Opens Up on Relationship With Mother

“We Don’t Share a Connection”: Bimbo Ademoye Opens Up on Relationship With Mother

“We Don't Share a Connection”: Bimbo Ademoye Opens Up on With Mother


Bimbo Ademoye has granted an interview where she spoke about her mother and the relationship they both careIn the clip, she noted that her mother left when she was just 2 years and they both don't share a deep connectionAdemoye stated that she is fulfilling her duty as her child but they are not close as her first betrayal came from her

Nollywood , Bimbo Ademoye, has shared the relationship she has with her mother. In an old interview she granted with Mamedia Entertainment, she noted that she took after her mother in terms of stature but her complexion is from her .

The interview was revisited after an X user said people should be thankful if their stayed together to give them a good foundation.

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Bimbo Ademoye speaks about her mother.Bimbo Ademoye speaks about her mother. Photo credit @bimboademoye

According to her, her mother was the first person who betrayed her as she left when she was two years old. She added that they don't have a deep connection but she has been fulfilling her duties as her daughter.

Ademoye says her mother lives close by

In the chat with the host of the program, the actress who acted as Kunle Remi's best said that her mother lives 20 minutes away from her but they are not very close.

The award-winning actress mentioned that she was okay with the no-friendship zone she has with her.

See the video here:

How fans reacted to the post

Netizens have reacted to what Ademoye said in the interview. Here are some of the comments below:

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“That doesn't mean she's not your mum.”


“This revelation is too heavy the insensitive internet. You cannot find the valuation you're looking for on the social media. Everything is a receipt to be used for another episode of “this you. I'd rather we keep somethings off social media.”


“They might have lied to her.”


“I hope they are able to reconnect someday.”


“Sorry . Thank God you made it.”


“This Life.”


“You see people being happy and all. You don't really know what they've been through mentally, a lot of people don't look like what they've been through cause they don't let their past dictate their future.”


“The happiness on her face when she mentioned her dad.”


“You're a very private person but here you are telling us the history of your …cus of podcast mic.”


“No wonder she and her Dad are super close.”

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Bimbo Ademoye opens up on career

Henzodaily.ng had reported that Ademoye had shared the challenges of consistently generating online content and combining it with her career.

She highlighted the underestimated stress she goes through to meet the expectations of her fans.

She noted that her fans want her to keep producing contents for them after successfully doing two web series, ‘Sibe' and ‘Iya Barakat Teropi'. However, they don't consider the money and challenges involved in it.

Source: Henzodaily.ng

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