VIRAL: “Don’t ever mention my name in ur ug*y life again” – Bobrisky blows hot after VeryDarkMan claimed he is dating top politicians in Nigeria

Bobrisky blows

“Don't ever mention my name in ur ug*y life again” – Bobrisky blows hot after claimed he is top politicians in


Nigerian , Idris Okuneye, better known as Bobrisky, has lambasted controversial commentator, Very Dark Man a.k.a VDM, for claiming that he is sleeping with top senators and lawmakers in Nigeria.

VDM made this accusation while responding to the backlash faced by another crossdresser who disclosed that he discovered that he was at a young age.

According to VDM, are hypocrites for criticizing the young man while being lenient with Bobrisky.

Bobrisky blows

He further alleged that Bobrisky is dating top politicians in Nigeria, which explains why he has not been , despite the law stating that homosexuality is a crime punishable by 14 years in .

Bobrisky was clearly angered by these allegations and took to social media to rebuke VDM, warning him to refrain from mentioning his name.

Bobrisky blowsBobrisky blows

He also accused VDM of living a useless and reckless life, hence the reason why his sex tape is plastered all over the internet, whereas his sextapes are not online.

Bobrisky captioned the post,

“Now let me lecture that good for nothing cow called very dark struggling .
Don't ever mention my name in ur ug*y life again. Address ur issues but don't ever mention my name or compare me to no one . Listen and read dis again me i will deal with you. Those people you all look down on are d most strongest and powerful don't dare me. Those people you said they are sleeping with me will be the one that will help me and lock u up. Since ur mouth has no Bustop you just put ur mouth in everything that doesn't involve you it's fine but don't involve my name. Dis is the second time you are involving my name in ur video. The last one will shock you. Your s*x video are everywhere mine are not anywhere because I don't live a use*ess life like you do. Na you come find me then again i had to respond 🙏”

See below,

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