VIRAL: “I asked God for three signs before agreeing to marry my husband” – Queen Mercy

"I asked God for three signs before agreeing to marry my husband" – Queen Mercy

“I asked God for three signs before agreeing to marry my husband” –


Popular reality star, Queen Mercy narrates her love with her husband, as she opens up on the three signs she asked from God before marrying him.

It would be recalled that the mother of one got engaged with her husband Davido during the previous weekend.

Queen Mercy three signs marrying husband Queen Mercy and husband.

During the wedding ceremony, Queen Mercy spoke on how she and her husband, reconnected after she began posting on Snapchat.

She revealed that since then, he began calling to check up on her and her daughter and not long after they started becoming something serious.

Queen Mercy said that she sought three signs from God about marrying him but she only saw two.

According to her, at that point she decided to end it as she wasn't sure of getting married to him.

She stated that she had no idea that the third sign was he, David himself, and the realization of that made her come to a resolute decision marry him.

Read some comments from netizen;

gistforum9ja said: “Mostly “Adam's gender” and “pick me notice me girls” are the ones tr,!ggf£red by this beautiful bride's story…so with babies shouldn't move on and get married to single ??? Stay préssed”

ble_ssing_sunday said: “Ever since Queen got engaged men have been crying tirelessly This is here to stay forever!!!”

kinky_vee said: “The best thing this cando which — I believe she already knows is to take her marriage off social media. Nobody cares and no one needs to know anything about this marriage. A lot of people are already anticipating to hear that the marriage has crashed. All the best 4!”

soothsayer_ said: “The David guy was just ready and 270 intentional, congratulations enjoy ur home.”

rosythrone said: “She got married to a real with qualities. She's received lots of b@cklash so it's ok she flaunts it and enjoy her marriage.”

veevogee said: “To all the men that have been cryinggg 469 since this lady married David , wetin be una prOblem???”

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