VIRAL: Lady cries in pain after investing money on spider-legs looking hairstyle

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cries in pain after investing on spider-legs looking


A finds out the meaning of the context, ‘beauty is pain' after investing time and money to make a spider-legs-looking hairstyle.

A video that has since gained over six million views on captured the hairstyle of a user identified as @moloto_k.

Lady cries for help after investing money on spider-legs looking braids

The lady had unique braids done and could be seen going through extreme pain as a of the tightness of the hairstyle.

While almost in tears, she tried to wear a bonnet over it but screamed at the top of her voice from how sensitive the pain was.

The video has since sparked tonnes of reactions from users who suggested ways to relieve the pain of the spider-legs-looking hairstyle.

Reactions trailing spider-legs-looking hairstyle causing lady pain

Thapelo Nams said: “Warm a towel with water and loosely cover the head with.”

Blaq.Beautii wrote: “as a hair stylist when u do any faux locs goddess locs butterfly locs etc.. they should never..NEVER BE THIS TIGHT!!”

Mathabo added: “Go to the my lady.”

BookswithShazz📚🇿🇦 | Booktok noted: “on a serious note if you dont take those off you are going to lose your hair.”

Boipelo ❤️ said: “But how did you leave the salon??😭😭😭😭😭.”

Watch the video below …


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