VIRAL: Lady dragged for recording elderly man urinating by the roadside

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dragged for recording elderly urinating by the roadside


enraged by the actions of a young lady who whipped out her to record an elderly man urinating by the roadside.

The video was shared to the microblogging platform, X, by , @dammiedammie, where he questioned her actions.

In the video, the man was easing himself by the road and the lady stood in his front stylishly making a video of him.

“This is harassment” — Netizens rage as lady records man urinating by the roadside

When confronted by the elderly man, the lady denied making any video, claiming she was just waiting for her .

This denial enraged the man who fired insults at her and encouraged her to have a glimpse at his private part since that is what she was seemingly after.

Here are some reactions to the video below

@PenTitan opined: “He should have slapped her before smashing her phone”

@Timmydennyd said: “The urge to always press record. This is one of the evidence they'd use as a reason to regulate social media”

@iamAbiodunAA wrote: “I hope people know this is harassment sha. Yeah, sexual harassment. Why are you stylishly recording someone's private P without his consent ? All in the name of content? 🤦🏽‍♂️”

@AlgorithmPrime added: “This should be .. what nonsense is this”

@temi_rossie_ commented: “What the man is doing is wrong, but she's wrong for recording”

@Ishow_leck replied: “Imagine if the video was only the part she was being beaten by the guy, they would say he was abusing her, whereas they didn't know what she's done.
always gaslight people and expect a low energy”

Watch the video here

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