VIRAL: “My first boyfriend was a caring cultist”

"My first boyfriend was a caring cultist"

“My first boyfriend was a caring cultist”


A young Nigerian lady identified simply as Lady B cautions against the dangers of cultism as she narrates her experience with her first boyfriend who was a cultist.

Reflecting on her past experiences, Lady B @thereal_beebee on Twitter (X) recalled her former partner, who appeared caring and kind but was also a cult member.


She narrated that she met him when he was around 16 years old while she was 15. Initially, she saw him as a well-behaved person at home, but outside, he engaged in violent activities for the cult.

Lady B mentioned that as tensions escalated, she persuaded him to reveal the truth to his parents, who then decided to send him away from Enugu for seven years.

Overall, she used her experience to emphasize the serious consequences and risks associated with cultism, urging others to steer clear of such affiliations.

Lady narrates how her first boyfriend was a cultist

“My first boyfriend was a cultist, i didn’t know until one year into the relationship.. we were still small o I think I was 15 and he was 16, a good mummy’s boy in the house but cold headed outside. He’s the butcher man, in charge of beating for initiation and during w@rs

“He’s very caring and nice, in fact I was the hård one in the relationship. I didn’t notice until w@r burst out, i think he was aye the ones wearing yellow

“They b€at him in the leg that he hid it and was only wearing trousers instead of the usual shorts he usually wears. It was fun at first because, nobody dared to look for my trouble but it became scarier as time went by.

“I made him come clean to his family but he can’t leave without leaving Enugu state as a whole. In fact, I broke up with him so he can see no reason to stay back. The w@r was becoming much, so the family had to send him in the north to stay for safety. He stayed there for about 7yrs or so.

“I won’t lie, I think his life is still in shãbbles. He’s back in Enugu with the same crowd and started smøking again. SAY NO TO CULTISM.”

"My first boyfriend was a caring cultist" - Lady narrates bitter-sweet story"My first boyfriend was a caring cultist" - Lady narrates bitter-sweet story

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