VIRAL: “Nobody fit reject me” – Lady claps back after Kai Cenat choses ‘amala’ over her

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“Nobody fit reject me” – claps back after choses ‘' over her


A young , Comfort whom the American YouTuber, Kai Cenat once rejected claps back at him after he vowed to pick ‘amala' over her any day.

During one of Kai's time in Lagos, he turned down the advances of Comfort and was followed by a -shaming comment on from the dumped lady.

kai cenat

Addressing the comment made by Kai Cenat where he vowed to pick a local Nigerian , ‘amala‘ over Comfort in any weather or season, she clapped back at him in a recent video.

In a post via her X page, the lady blasted the YouTuber while faking tears. She emphasized how beautiful and irresistible she is while insisting on her statement about Kai being unable to afford her.

"Nobody fit reject me" - Lady claps back after Kai Cenat chose 'amala' over her "Nobody fit reject me" - Lady claps back after Kai Cenat chose 'amala' over her

The video has since sparked reactions from users who ridiculed the lady for doing too much while others agreed with her claim.

Reactions as lady claps back after Kai Cenat chose ‘amala' over her

djwapsam said: “Better be grateful to SHANKS for giving you that one in a lifetime opportunity to meet kai 😂.”

_bigbaby_6 noted: “Yes he said what he said 🤪.”

etinjohn added: “Them go reject you for the third time now e go clear 😂.”

dimplesamaka stated: “Having some shame and dignity is a huge virtue 😢😢.”

obianuju_priscillia_ opined: “See the level you brought yourself to that they had to compare you tò amala. Something you for just codedly take your L and Bounce.”

boyoryee wrote: “Na Chisom they choose na this the hustle the spotlight.. no gree for anybody this year o.”

dehbombomm noted: “Fr I'd choose banku and sardine over you sef if I was Kai😂.”

dessycarter said: “If y'all keep telling these ladies the truth majority of them will know they ain't even upto 2.. in their head they're all 10 lol! If you're claiming 10 where's the room for growth cox you already perfect as a 10! May no give us sisters or wey go they embarrass us.”

Watch the video below …

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