VIRAL: Sales girls in tears as madam pranks them about relocating abroad

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Sales girls in tears as madam pranks them about relocating abroad


A has shared an emotional video showing the reactions of her sales girls to her relocation prank.

The lady identified as @bunny_beautyhome on revealed that she had been trying to prank all her sales girls at once and the relocation prank came in handy.

She claimed that she was relocating to the UK and that she was going to the airport from there. According to her, she only came to the to wish them well and bid them farewell.

Her sales girls didn't find the news funny and they all began to cry and plead with her not to travel.

The girls became emotional and dramatic as they knelt down, held her clothes, hugged her tightly, and even climbed on top of her 's , so she wouldn't leave.

Her sales girls all heaved a sigh of relief when she told them that it was just a prank.

She captioned the video; “Pranked my girls that I'm relocating to the UK and this happened.”

QueenLizzy93 reacted: “Men dat lady on black need to collect money becus na she cry pass i swear she really loves u.”

Rutyb Rutyb said: “See me crying despite knowing is a prank. pls don't stop being good, and pls keep talking care of them, bless you.”

Mercy Iruka Johnson said: “Gather here if you know you cried.”

Mayani WOff said: “Even if my former wan chop poison I nur go even talk.”

Sonjohn Urban said: “That lady on the desk no kuku like you before you announced, watched closely her facial expression says it all.”

@chomzycollections said: “Upon say I know is a prank, I still cry chaii see love.”

Peace Anachuna reacted: “The that hugged her so tight made me cry.”

Dorcas said: “Sir abeg come back first.”

@u.jbeauty3 said: “I nearly cried but odeshi!!”

Mhiz Eddy said: “This just shows the kind of boss you are, thank you for loving your girls. God bless you.”

@berry diva said: “Na me dey up of the car.”

@chizzyrose reacted: “I can't believe I even join them the cry this is to show how nice she is to them God bless you ma.”

Queen Esther reacted: “Sir come back first is it for me.”

Gstyles reacted: “Abeg mama dont leave your girls ooo i cried o destiny no go leave without you.”

rose said: “Who cut onions.”

Watch the video below:


Pranked my girls that I'm relocating to the uk and this happened 💔

♬ original sound – Bunny Beauty Home

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