VIRAL: Two primary school friends reconnect online after many years apart

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Two primary reconnect online after many years apart


Emotional moment as two primary school best friends reconnect on Twitter after they separated on a bad note many years ago.

One of the friends @somto_Ihezue took to the platform to recount how he and his best had lost contact in primary school.

primary school friends reconnect Somto_Ihezue.

Somto revealed that he was 7 when his mother took him to a new school where he was then admitted immediately and commenced class.

He noted that his friend, Danny, snuck into the new school to see him and he pretended as if he didn't know who he was.

primary school friends reconnect primary school friends reconnect Daniel.

Somto said that his friend had left then, and they haven't seen each other ever since.

Luckily, his friend came across the tweet and expressed that he too had been looking for him on Facebook through the years.

The friend also expressed fondness for their shared time together as the reflected on what had happened that day.

“When I was 7, my mum took me to a new school without prior notice, and I was admitted on the spot. My from my old school snuck into the new school to find me, and I pretended like I didn't know him. He left heartbroken, and I never saw him again. Daniel, I'm so sorry.

I think about this almost every day.

Not exactly sure why I did this. Can't tell if it was the non-confrontational me, or the introverted me, or the sad me.

I remember we used to go sliding down a massive erosion site in our neighborhood, and our white uniforms would turn super brown with dirt. It was the most dangerous thing, but we did it anyway😅

Funny that the erosion site was one of the major reasons my mom removed me from the old school, and it was Daniel who had introduced me to it. She wanted a prim and proper school that didn't let slide down muddy gullies.

In another life, we'd have run away together, and fanta everyday, and slide down all the steep erosion gullies we want. And we'd be primless, unkempt, and infinite✨,” Somto wrote.

His friend who came about the tweet responded with …

“Somto ihezue!!
My had woken me up to check my Facebook DM and it was a pleasant .
This was the best of my entire life. I have been searching for you on Facebook all these years.
I remember this day. What gave me the mind?😂.
You were just confused my G”

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