VIRAL: “Una life better pass my own?”

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“Una life better pass my own?”


A loses his temper, and rants at length as who are worried for their safety caution his reckless driving.

A video making the rounds on captured the ranting of a driver who threatened to sue his passengers for distracting him with their complaints.

"Una life better pass my own? I can sue you!" - Driver blasts passengers for cautioning his driving

In the video shared on by @luci_oma_ record the frustrated could be heard giving his passengers reasons their lives are safe in his hands.

He insisted that his life is precious to him too while reminding the passengers of his plans for the future and why it keeps him in check.

“Driver this, driver that, as if una life better pass my own. No na, I come this life come kill you, as na suicide bomber I con do. My life no dey important? Don't distract me, I can sue you! Why are you telling me what to drive? If you want to hold your life, you lose it…,” he said in part.

Reactions as driver blasts passengers for cautioning his driving

_ruteenah said: “That was how one yeye driver changed it for us when we were going to from Abraka… no be small, the man even say He go drive enter any trailer were dey come 😭😭😂😂 we begin beg am o😭.”

Kiki penned: “Abeg i leave my for , mama dn die 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 blood of jesuussss.”

wigbaddie|WARRI HAIRSTYLIST said: “But honestly sometimes all these shout on driver can distract them 😂.”

OBAINO 🦅 opined: “😂😂 this one wey dey speak English like this, e sure me say no be Lagos driver.”

felixsniper1 noted: “Dis ehh. I get so many questions to ask if I reach heaven abt dis country fr.”

ISKAND 🤠 added: “As if my life is not important the driver has a point 😭😂.”

Watch the video below …


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